Monday, April 4, 2011

Showering colorful flowers on the lap of "The Land of Morning Calm"

I welcome spring long back as here in India Spring season started from the month of February but this time its little slow pace in Korea. Every time I check-out at the Facebook people start inquiring about the season and the flower spot specially at the site of, Korea Tourism, Korea Clickers etc..

I am here uploading some of the pictures of flowers I have taken from the places where I have visited. Well these pictures are not so good but they not too bad also..

Kyunghee University Seoul Campus
Its king of exciting and enthusiastic when people keep posting whereabouts the flower season and place where to visit..

National Museum Compound, Seoul

Ewha Women's University Compound, Seoul

Daegu University, Daegu

Post-Tech Campus, Pohang

This year the spring season is little bit late may be because of the changing climates or the ....
I still remember my last year experience during the spring season of Korea. It was wonderful and flowless rainbow color flower blooms every nook and corner .

I took this pic in Kyunghee University Campus where I studied Korean Language. I didn't know that the bird is flying towards me, have I known this I could have been focus well with the zooms...
Still I love this pic, cos accidentally I captured this moment so well..and I endure it !

The devilish red Algeria flowers blooming so freely

Kunghee University Campus

Algeria flowers in White and Pink Color

These are my yester years memories I had been spending at Korea and I am still cherishing all these beautiful scenic views..there are more pics in my treasure, I will share here again...

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