Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Process of Making Royal Korean traditional Marriage

One day I receive an invitation from one of my Korean friends for his marriage . I am so glad to see the Korean traditional wedding. As I heard several times about the grand marriage of Korean traditional wedding. But when I attend my freinds marriage it seems so different from what I expect. Later my friends told me that in a present days people hardly follow the traditional one as things are complicated, long and too many processes.

But I was longing to see the real traditional marriage of the Koreans. Luckily I happen to encounter one of the brightest marriage ceremony which always display for the public and tourist at " The War Memorial of Korea ". It seems that they always display the royal marriage ceremony for the visitors.

The bride and the groom exchange ceremony

Here I am not going to detail all the important structures of the royal marriage and it's function as well as the definition. Rather I would love to display the beautiful pictures I have captured in my camera.

The bride and groom walking together to receive blessing and wishes from the guest, audience.

Well this ceremony is one of the rare and important ceremony to display for public's. The Korean traditional marriage seems very elegant and grand for me. And I wish if I get a chance I would definitely love to attend and be a part of the grand ceremony.

P.S : Anyone can go to the The War Memorial to view the ceremony.

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