Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Knowing Saju: Hw do we define ourself

How do you define yoursef?

Let's learn from Janet Shin , an expert of Saju.
As we all have our weaknesses and fears.  This is Janet Shin's version.....While I try to seek happiness, I also ascertain a doomed side behind the truth of life. It is because this seemingly righteous but rather unpleasant fact is the rationale for our happiness.

In describing yin and yang, I wrote that if there is no brightness, there can be no darkness. Without the sun, shade cannot be cast. Without lacking, we never appreciate what we are given. If we are wantless, life is not worth living.

I have never seen a person who is completely satisfied with life. Even those who say they are happy have their inner anxiety. Some are anxious not to lose what they have while others are restless, yearning to acquire more. We are all apprehensive about our uncertain future. This is common to everybody, whether a star entertainer, a promising politician, an influential leader or a successful businessman. It is needless to talk about ordinary people’s life.

One day, a woman with a somber expression wanted her saju read. She sobbed throughout the reading bemoaning the fact that there was no true love between her and her husband and an absence of harmony in her family. She was suffering with depression and even mentioned suicide.
She was actually the owner of a big private cemetery park and the money she was earning from this business was astronomical. But the wealth never healed her torment.

Star entertainers always fear losing the love of their fans. Politicians fret about losing power. We struggle not to lose fame but because life has not always unfolded as we wished.

I ardently coach people to invest time and effort to find their true selves. This is the first step to resolve entangled agony.

Anxiety often leads us to look for a fortune teller. It can be face or palm readings. It can also be astrology or feng shui. Who knows if there was a vein of water under our bedrooms causing sleepless nights or headaches. For those who are suspicious if they consider it superstitious, I also recommend them to appreciate the healing effect of religious belief and meditation. By focusing on yourself, you may find certain clues about the questions.

I here present some advice to help you find your way.
First of all, be aware of your existence within the universe. From a perspective of the cosmos, we all are just small and feeble creatures. This may sound as if life is trivial but if you learn further, humans are miniature universes. We shouldn’t be comprehended as trifling beings. Recognizing ourselves from the standpoint of space gives us a certain sagacity to better grasp our living. You may at least lessen some dither.

We should also appreciate all the other creatures around us, including our living spaces. Traditionally, human habitation followed the laws of nature and took on environmental features. The way humans are in accord with the nature determines our lifestyle.

Do not hesitate to take a journey to explore yourself. The first step is to objectify and establish your inner self. When it comes to saju reading, a day master represents one’s personality. Many of you might have investigated your blood type, zodiac signs and horoscopes. And you may have indulged in the information they provided. Have you ever read your daily fortune in a newspaper? The day master is another measure to explain one’s personality and lifestyle. In reading saju, I consider the birth month in association with a day master to get a more in-depth understanding. After all, you are one of the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal or water. And we are able to read how these five elements interact with the birth month or climate.

Wisdom comes from acknowledging the fact that everything in the universe is changing. Under this assumption, concede that you are a limited being and living a lacking life. Simultaneously, try to learn the abiding truth in the universe. Then you will be able to realize how to fill the insufficiency.

By doing this, you will be able to find some time and space to rest your soul. Study and try to tune yourself into life energy or qi. As you train yourself, you will sense the scent of people. Empty yourself and refill the emptiness with your awareness.

Information: Are you interested in learning more about the ancient Chinese teaching about the “Four Pillars of Destiny?” For further information, visit Janet’s website at www.fourpillarskorea.com, contact her at 010-5414-7461 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 010-5414-7461 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email janetshin@hotmail.com.


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