Monday, March 7, 2011

Here comes "Spring Season"

In every place spring season are welcome by the prince frogs. Here in Korea too.

The harbingers of spring are all the more welcoming after an especially harsh winter.

Flower buds and willow branches are still huddled up in the last cold snap, but “gyeongchip,” or the day hibernating frogs crawl out of their holes, suggests that the warmer season is drawing near.

Traditionally in Korea, the seasons are divided into 24 parts according to the solar cycle, and gyeongchip marks the third of these parts. This is when winter comes to an end and flora and fauna regain energy and dynamism.

Frogs are a representative harbinger of spring, and Seoulites can witness these creatures’ awakening at the 63 Building in Yeouido.

The aquarium, 63 Sea World, is holding an exhibition of some 40 frogs. Some six different exotic species of frogs can be seen, such as a glowing green “blue frogs” or golden-hued Golden Toad, and the cartoon-character-like Ornate PacMan.

source:The Koreatimes

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  1. the bio diversity of Korea is simply amazing love to see them myself.