Wednesday, March 9, 2011

White Day 화이트데이 14 March / Red day 14 Feb

First of all when I land down to Korea, I was surrounded by lots of surprises. For instace White Day which is another form of Valentine Day version which is held on 14th of March almost 1 month after valentine’s day.
In the class our teacher used to tell us about the white day which made us curiosity to know more about and on the otherhand I used to wonder......why a big question mark to myself ??

But now I understand..............

Boys have you prepared the gift to your love one ? now, it’s your turn boys, for paying back to your girl friend .In South Korea, on a Valentine’s day i.e on 14th of Feb, woman usually gives a chocolate and red roses to her man, and on a White day it’s a man turn to give back some love token to their woman, couples usually celebrate a White Day "화이트데이" on March 14th.

On this day man will give something sweet stuff to their woman, usually with chocolate or candies but it can be a bouquet of flowers, jewellary or other gift items as the expression of love. It seems this day is very common in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan. But valentine’s day is more popular in the world than a White Day.

A very happy White Day to you all...

P.S : Read this link , here you will find the whole 12 month's dated 14 marked special for the Korean and people who are there, what the day 14 of any month meant to them. Hope you all will like this given link, thanx..!

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