Friday, October 21, 2011

KIM DAE-JUNG Presidential Library and Museum

Have you been to this wonderful Library? If yes then I am sure you must have enjoyed well and learned a lot and if not then you can join me here in my blog and see this marvelous library the Kim Dae-jung Library.

The library was established in 2003 with motto and goal of realizing democracy, peace and poverty reduction, becoming Asia's first library established after a former president. The library's goal comes in light of South Korea's 15th president, who won the Nobel peace award, donating some 16,000 articles, some 10,000 books and the prize money from the Nobel Peace award to Yonsei University, together with the founding philosophy of Yonsei University.

The library operates an exhibition center where visitors can observe the life of Kim Dae-jung and the modern history of South Korea through articles from Kim's pre-presidential to post-presidential days, including the winning of the Nobel Peace award.

Researchers at the library organize and study materials donated by Kim Dae-jung, which spans over half a century covering domestic politics, democratic and unification movements, statesmanship and international diplomacy.

The library carries out commemorative projects to applaud the former president's past works. We conduct research projects pertaining to various aspects of the former president. Partial funding for the research comes from the government under the bill governing honorable treatment of former presidents.

The library also produces a digital archive of video interviews of Kim Dae-jung as well as key opposition figures involved in the country's road to democracy. We also collect and organize various data regarding the country's democracy and unification efforts.

The library conducts researches in conjunction with internationals research councils such as the June 15 inter-Korean summit accord council, the Nobel Peace award council and the Oslo Nobel Peace Center.

The library holds education programs relating to democracy, peace and poverty reduction. They carry out various education programs on peace and unification through the Kim Dae-Jung Peace Academy course.
Under its arms, the Kim Dae-jung Library houses the Kim Dae-jung Peace Research Center, International Cooperation Center, Record and Document Center and Exhibition Center. Visitors can refer to our provided information on how to use the library's facilities.

The Kim Dae-jung Library, while part of Yonsei University, is run independently through support from the university and volunteer workers. Pliz do visit if you have not been there before, I can assure you will love this place.

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