Monday, October 17, 2011

The mission! Find Autumn Festival and Revitalize Yourself

This summer was truly hot. The steamy heat and discomfortness were stronger than ever. But now, fall is back. Not only the newly harvested crops and fruits satisfy our taste, but also the exhilarating air and infinitely deep sky give us refreshingness. We can’t miss this moment. A variety of festivals of many regions are waiting for us. Let’s enjoy the autumn festival!

Autumn-Day Eats, Gizzard Shad vs Shrimp

Gizzard shad gets more delicious especially in autumn. Most of them have more unsaturated fatty acid in fall season. Also the gizzard shad is often referred in many proverbs and sayings, which shows that it is close to our lives. For example, “There are a lot of roasting sesame seeds in gizzard shad’s head in autumn”, which means it is the most delicious in autumn, and the other one is, “Your runaway daughter-in-law comes back when she smell the smoked gizzard shad in autumn”, which is pretty famous. They all tell us how delicious it is.

There are many styles of its cooking, such as sashimi style, salad style with chili sauce, and so on. The grilled shad is also delicious. With one bite, you will see. There will be many shad festivals with various events in port of Secheon-gun, Bosung-gun and Gwangyang city from the end of September to early October. Refresh yourself with gizzard shed in these festivals.
Well, shrimp is another delicious eats of autumn. It is very chewy and tasty during the fall season. The king prawn is a kind of kuruma shrimp, but it is much superior in size, flexibility and sweetness.

< Fresh shrimp with low price during the festival> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)
The prawn festivals are held from mid-September to mid-October in Anmyundo beach, Namdang port in Hongseong and Muchangpo in Boryung, Chungcheongnam-do. Fried shrimp is just perfect for children’s snack. But above all, the best recipe is grilled shrimp cooked with natural salt. You will taste good flavor in it. You can also set a rich table with seasonal shrimp you buy with a low price in each festival. It would be healthy cuisine for your family back from the summer heat.

Marathon and Walking Festival to Refresh Your Body
It is a time for walking shoes. The advertisements on walking shoes are becoming common these days. It shows that walking for exercise is along with a boom. Sport shoes and walking shoes were useless due to heavy rain and heat, however the time has come. Walking stimulates feet and helps blood flow and metabolism. It is an aerobic exercise that helps weight loss. More interest in athletics than the past was shown during IAAF World Championship in Daegu. In particular, marathon is amazing because the runners challenge to their limit.

< Citizens participating in walking festival> (Source: Yonhap News)

Thanks to this trend, many regions are preparing a variety of festivals such as the 4thGapyeong Marathon Contest, Gyeonggi Marathon for Peaceful Unification, Sunday Marathon 2011 for Success of Pyeongchang Olympics and Seoul History Trail Walking Contest 2011. These festivals have various race courses. You can participate by choosing one of the courses, full and half course, 10 km and 5 km. Why don’t you take some time and run a marathon over the weekend? It would be tough for your legs. However, your brisk arms and breezing air will make you feel refreshed. Your stress and fatigue will disappear with sweats falling on your forehead.
Internatinal Jass Festival in Jara Island for Romantic Autumn
The 8th international jazz festival, loved by in and out of Korea, will be held this year in Jara island. The performance played by local and international musicians will make you feel exciting. Jara island has a magnificent scenery that gives a joy through ears as well as whole body. Particularly, the island located in Northern Han river provides a full comfort of rest for city residents. Once the musical performance is added, you will see a paradise.

< Romantic stage of jazz musicians> (Source : Korea Tourism Organization)

Jazz festival is held in Jara island of Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do. You can take a day trip by Gyeongchun metro line at Sangbong station, Seoul. Take a journey to jazz festival with your friends or lover, you will have a wonderful memory of autumn into your heart.

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