Thursday, November 24, 2011

Observations of time

BUNDANG, Gyeonggi Province — Photographing another photographer, especially an artistic inspiration and mentor, is never an easy task. Rather, it can be intimidating and nerve wracking.

However, Koo Bohnchang turned this experience into a memorable one, filled with ease and great conversation.

The shoot took place at his modern home-studio, built with tall windows and a Zen garden. The trees by the gate created beautiful shadows, inspiring a rich backdrop for Koo’s portrait. The artist’s reflective nature and gentle spirit instilled his presence with a quiet strength, similar to that felt in his photographs.

There was a certain elegance about the way Koo spoke and moved. Dressed in a white button-down shirt, black vest and khakis, his black-rimmed glasses framed his observant eyes. Soft mid-day light hit his studio window, revealing all the dust and scratches. Waiting for the perfect moment when his eyes aligned with that streak of sun against the window, the camera seemed to weigh heavier.

When Koo’s eyes did meet the sun or the camera lens, it was worth the wait. Sometimes you make things happen — a photograph, or a moment. Then there are times that you wait, and allow them to create themselves. The portrait session with Koo revealed that sincere observation takes time, as do all meaningful things in life.

Jesse Chun is a fine art photographer whose works have been exhibited and published internationally. Chun earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in photography from Parsons School of Design in New York. Visit (fine art) or (editorial).

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