Friday, November 4, 2011

Seogwipo Olle Market on Jeju Island

Autumn is the season of high skies and plump horses. For those who want to enjoy the clear autumn weather and delectable items, Seogwipo Olle Market on Jeju Island awaits.

A whole mackerel pike rolled in rice and seaweed; "omegi" rice cake made with red bean, millet and glutinous rice; a combination of seaweed rolled rice, dumplings and fried pancakes in "tteobokki" sauce; and "bingtteok," white radish strips rolled in buckwheat pancake ― all these unique foodstuffs are available there.

Formerly named the Seogwipo Maeil Traditional Market, the market is situated along the sixth Jeju Olle course.

The market is not only popular among locals but a must visit place for tourists visiting Jeju Island. Going to a market might sound weird for a traveler’s itinerary, but it is an interesting way to take a step into the local life, fully relishing the charm of the region.

The sixth walking course starts from the Soesokkak estuary, passes through downtown Seogwipo and finishes at Oedolgae rock. The course takes around four to five hours and the market comes into view mid-route when walkers may start to tire.

In the market, some 500 shops sell various items from food to industrial products. Instead of a disorderly fashion, stores line up in lots next to a wide path for pedestrians.

For more information on the market, visit or call (064) 762-2925.

Source: The Korea Times

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