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Korean Date 14th : get fever on 14th April or high on 14th March

All things bright and beautiful when we start falling in love. Date 14th of every month in Korea has a special day, starting from the first month of the year itself.But you know, this month i,e March 14th is more special from the resst of other month 14th.

Yes it is so special for women and well as for lovers or couple than the Valentine day which fall on 14th of Frebruary. Because women are pampared by their lovers with flowers, chocolates anything which symbolise the meaning of love.

Initially, I find it funny and strange about this unique culture
of Korea. Because in most of the countries what we hear about is people celebrating Valentine's day. Again shocking thing for me is that on Valentine's day women give chocolates to their men and confess their love which is contrast from other countries.

January 14th – Diary Day
Couples are meant to give each other a diary or year planner thing, and note down all the rest of these lovely gift-giving days.

February 14th – Valentine’s Day

In contrast to Western society,in Korea today is traditionally when women give chocolates to their men and confess their love.

March 14th – White Day

Men give candy to the women they love (and flowers and choc and cuddly toys….in fact, anything really!)

April 14th – Black Day

A purely Korean day, for those singletons out there, who havnt received choc or candy so far, console yourselves by eating ja jang myung – a black noodle soup – or other black foods.

May 14th – Rose Day or Yellow Day

Couples exchange roses, and those lonely hearts gather for curry and companionship. Apparently dressing in yellow is also recommended.

June 14th – Kiss Day
As one site puts it: Lovers confess their feelings to one another and kiss passionately.

July 14th – Silver Day
I’m liking this idea – couples can freely ask their friends to give them money to pay for a date. Couples exchange gifts made of silver, and announce their relationship to their friends.

August 14th – Green Day
Couples are supposedly dress in green colors, and walk around the woods (the only day to go and get green green or to get camouflage opportunity)
And those who are singles, they go for a drink a bottle of soju to console themselves.

September 14th – Photo & Music Day
You know on this very day, Couples take photographs together, then in the evening go out with friends to noraebangs maning song-room and night clubs.

Well here some fluctuation on the month of October and November, as on October instead of 14th they have Apple day on 24th. On November , our very own irresistable snacks Papero day on 11th of November.

(October 24th – Apple Day)

Are you ready to learn something? The Korean word for apple, Sa-kwa or Sa-gwa, also means to apologize. On Apple Day, friends, family and couples give an apple to each other to apologize for their past mistakes which they did unknowingly or with intension.

November 11th – Pepero Day (Ah yes, the choco stick day the day when boys use to gift basketfull of green or red color chocolate coted stick.)

A new day that has taken off in South Korea which was started from Japan, it is named after a long stick-shaped cookie stick covered in chocolate, given mostly by young Koreans as an expression of their affection.Once, I got bunch of green color pepero boxes from my Korean freinds.

The 11th day of the 11th month is specifically chosen as the number looks like a Pepero stick. Students exchange the treats with one another with the thought of growing tall and thin.

November 14th – Movie Day & Orange Day

Ok, Well from family to lover or couples go for movies and eat oranges as thir snacks of the day .

December 14th – Hug Day
Iget hugged last time , when I was at Korea. Actually, people in Seoul giving out free hugs at this time.Freinds hug each other to tighten their freindship and the couples are meant to hug one another lovingly to stay cosy in the cold winter months.

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