Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ornaments of Meitei

This blog of mine is entirely written for Korea and Korean culture to promote. People are appreciating it. I am so delighted to see the warm embrace and their support. Taking this opportunity I would like to introduce the Meitei clan or community where I belong. A small community which are confine in the extreme corner of the North-East bordering with Myanmar (Burma). Here I am showcasing some of the rare ornaments which The Meitei women only wear from the time immemorial .

We the women always been blessed by charm and grace. But in addition with these grace and charm, gold and daimonds made their place in every women's heart. We make their space in such a manner that women cannot live without ornamental.

The aura of every Meitei women

Meitei women do have their own unique ornaments since the time immemorial. Time to time fashion keeps on changing but these beautiul jwelaries never got out of sight. In a way these are compulsion for the Meitei women to wear in every ocassion specially on marriage.

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