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Air Korea take me to Korea

Why is Korea known as the Land of the Morning Calm?
Korea is endowed with spellbinding natural beauty. It 's splendid tranquility, particularly in the morning, has earned it the epithet 'Land of the Morning Calm'.Brahm Swaroop Agrawal,  (The Times of India).

You go to Jeju Island , Mount Halla will take you the pleasantness of Jejudo  like Lady divers, Stone Grandpa or Harubang, their wind and the sweet oranges. Or you Go to famous Korean city Busan , Haundai beach will embrace you with exotic sea food. Or go to Pohang for their famous Posco Steel factory and the famous University of Postech .If not then visit Ulleungdo one of the cleanest Island from there you can see the heart of Korea Dokdo Island.
If these is not okey with you then roam around the street of Seoul city and go shopping at Myongdong, Dongdaemun or Daehangno street and Insadong to get the flavour of fusion Korea tracing from past to modern Korea..

 If these are not suffice to you then you have to visit Korea to get experience by yourself with Air Korea.



Do you know Asian On Air Program is an event organized by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in collaboration with Korean Air. An invitation to explore and experience the different aspects of Korea. I am participating the contest through this article of my blog, you can take part as well.

I love Korea you know why because I  feel like Korea is a second home to me. I love Korea because it is a land of rich culture and heritage. Korea is small yet offer abundant to the visitors. Korean people are always rich at heart and always welcome people.

You go to Andong and see many exciting things awaits to encounter you like Confucian Schools and their traditions. Specially the examination hierarchy. Andong Mask dance, Andong famous Chim Taak or chicken curry and potato pan cake, Museum of Korean Traditional handmade paper Hanji and many more to explore.

As you can see down here these colorful pictures, these are the 'Royal Traditional Marriage of Korea', many people around the world must have seen various royal marriage but how many of you have seen Korean Royal marriage? That is why I am show chasing here beauty and rare treasure of Korea.

A Royal Traditional Marriage of Korea:


Korean Exotic and Nutritional Foods

Well we all know about the world famous Korean Kimchi , Bibim-paap and Bulgogi. But do you know these Bamboo rice filled with aromatic nuts, side dishes and cold noodles.


Well this is a scenic view I have captured from Ulleungdo have anyone of you been there if not please do visit Ulleungdo. This Island is one of the cleanest and beautiful Korean Island this Ulleungdo people go to visit "Dokdo Island" the heart of Korean people.

Spring comes late in Korea yet Korean spring offer a brilliant flowers . You go every nook and corner of Korea you will find various colorful flowers to welcome you.

Have you heard about the ancient palaces and royal guards of Korea?

Hanji is Korean hand made paper . Out of Hanji they make dolls , decorative items and many things to look pleasant in our eyesight 

These are made by Korean hand made paper called "Hanji"

Korean Wind chimes and their significance

Hallyu or Korean dramas, movies and Korean Pop
We all know that Korean drama , movies and Kpop are quite in hype and the Hallyu fans are increasing day by day around the globe.

As for me I love Korean traditional music called Pansori, Arirang and sounds of traditional musical instruments though I am a bit classy or "Ajuma Style".



These are just a little I have mentioned here.
 Korea offer Asia's best Universities to learn various subjects.
Korean Science, Information and technology  even Korean traditional medicine is quite popular.Ginseng comes in my mind ha ha ha.
People goes to Korea to get done plastic surgeries and operation as the quality level and standard is very high and of course to get the Korean make-up tips as well for BBCream for this you have to roam around Myongdong, I bet you all will find heaven there.

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