Monday, September 10, 2012

Indian form of Yoga: Diagnostic effects of kurunta

India's yoga is reaching everywhere

The kurunta is an instrument used in yoga medical therapy.

The kurunta is a yoga instrument which has been handed down through 600 years of tradition in India.  Dr. Moon, the first Korean to obtain an Indian Ph.D. in Yoga.

1. It treats and prevents a variety of problems in the spine and the waist. (Discs can be healed naturally and non-surgically)

2. Shoulder problems, such as “frozen shoulder,” can be healed and prevented easily.

3. The kurunta has a diagnostic effect. You can practice it continuously by yourself.

4. The kurunta stimulates the chakkra (energy point) to relieve fatigue and increase activity. It promotes muscle relaxation, so you can have a sound sleep. (Effective for insomnia)

5. The kurunta improves or prevents kyphosis or scoliosis of the vertebra in children or adolescents.

6. It corrects the posture of women (it's awkward to be gender specific here), and also increases the height of the body. It can treat twists of the pelvis.

7. It has a similar effect of a head standing posture at step 3, improving blood circulation around the body, and also enhancing flexibility of the waist and sexual power.

8. It hasn't had any side effect .

9. It has an outstanding effect when used to practice the vipassana meditation because of its effect on the mind and body.

10. The kurunta was made to resemble the original kurunta, which has 600 years of traditional use in India. It can be used with confidence, being of high quality wood, and one is enough for all members of the family.

11. Its effect was approved by experts such as Dr. Lee sang-ho, former president Roh's attending neurosurgeon; Dr. Yoon, director of Peter's Neurosugical Clinic in Gangnam, who is an authority on vertebra. Other advocates include Dr. Shin, director of the Jeil Orthopedic Surgical Clinic, who is an expert on artificial knee joints.

12. There are similar types of the kurunta, which advertise that adjustment of the curvature is possible. But the essence of the kurunta lies in the stream line of the curvature; therefore, a steep curvature is not recommended because it may lead to serious complications. This kurunta is a natural product, because we don't use any metallic materials and there have been no reported side effects from users.

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