Saturday, September 3, 2011

Korea pursues culture diplomacy with G20 spin-off

We read plenty about political leaders in the world gathering to promote their countries national interests and discuss global issues. But how often does culture get that kind of attention?

The Corea Image & Communication Institute (CICI) aims to fill that culture gap in international diplomacy.

As a prelude to last year’s G20 Seoul Summit or the gathering of major economies, CICI organized what it called the C20 — the “C” is for culture. Cultural leaders from the G20 countries were invited to experience Korean culture and, while enjoying all that Korea has to offer, promote their respective nation’s culture.

Last year’s event was such a success that CICI is pushing to make it an annual event. As a follow-up to last year’s C20, the CICI is organizing a second C20, the CCF 2011 Culture Communication Forum, to introduce aspects of Korean culture to world leaders.

The three-day CCF 2011 runs Sept. 4-6 in various places in Seoul. The forum culminates with a discussion among the participants on Sept. 6 at the Westin Chosun Hotel, Seoul. The institute said the participants get to “experience true Korean culture and at the same time, be able to promote themselves and their countries.” President of CICI Choi Jung-wha said it’s a win-win not only for the participants from G20 countries, but also for Korea, because it’s a great way for them “to play a vital role in introducing Korea in their home countries through articles, interviews and other means.”

Fourteen cultural leaders from 13 G20 nations will convene in Seoul for the forum. They are Willy Bogner, chairman of German fashion brand Willy Bogner & Co; Amedeo Schiattarella, Italian president of the Register of Architects of Rome and CEO of Studio Schiattarella; Dominique Wolton, research director of the French National Centre for Scientific Research; Russian novelist Anatoly Kim, author of “Squirrel”; Leslie Koch, American president of Trust for Governors Island; Patrick Condon, Australian producer and CEO of Condon Entertainment, Australia; Susanna Nicklin, director of literature at the British Council London; Korean photographer Kim Jung-man; Korean actor Ahn Sung-ki; Takao Sugiura, Japanese chef and cuisine professor at the Tsuji Culinary Institute Japanese Cuisine; Farzana Contractor, editor and publisher of Upper Crust India Magazine; Cinda Chavich, Canadian food and travel journalist; and Ambassador H.E. Martha Ortiz de Rosas of Mexico.

Supporters of the CCF 2011 include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Culture and Information Service, Korea Food Foundation, Korea Foundation, Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, KB Financial Group, Asiana Airlines, Poongsan Group, and YTN.

Source : The Korea Times

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