Thursday, September 8, 2011

Korean unique treatment: the so called "Dowmi" or helper for the foreigner's.

Mercury rising slowly in the land of " East of the lamp" by Rabindranath Tagore or South Korea for us . Spring season has started, and the new freshere's also join the universities. It is really nice to see the new face with new enthusiasm.

Yes , our new session has also started. Today class was the new class for us with new teacher's, as for our class get over we can hear the sound of noise and later I realised that it was non other than the dowmi's or the Korean helper. Waiting for us to meet. Quite exciting to meet our new freinds.

We all get a new freinds new dowmi, this culture is very interesting. Because in our country we do not have such culture. But this culture is very helpful for every people who come to Korea. Since, Korean language and culture is different for the foreigners , people need to adjust but the helping hand or so called dowmi cultures make things so easy and simple . Moreover, it makes warm welcome to the foreigners and make adjustable faster.

In the initial days in Korean life "dowmi" are the guide and they are the friend. They help us to make things easy and comfortable . On the otherhand we can exchange the language , culture and thought to know more about one another. In this way, Korean way of helping the foreigners providing dowmi is one of the best helping hand. Most of the people appreciate the way Korean provide such facilities.

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