Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Korean women surfers shine in Busan

In near perfect conditions with waves reaching over two meters, the Busan International Festival 2011 came to a close this weekend.

With authorities and competitors reaching a new level of cooperation, the surfing event was an enjoyable experience for entrants and spectators alike, with a very high standard of surfing set by locals and foreigners.

With the foreign section comprising of surfers from Japan, North America, Australia and South Africa, it was the talent of the locals that caught the eyes of the crowds, particularly the women.

With perfect offshore winds and sets of waves at times dwarfing those in the water, it was the heat featuring the women that saw some real talent.

Billabong team surfer, Na Eun pulled off some spectacular moves in her first round, easily outgunning her rivals.

It was clear to this writer that the surfer had some true talent as she showed flawless judgment in her wave selection, both what to ride and what to avoid.

With a flowing style comprising of radical moves, she went on to not only win her heat but, the overall women’s open event. She was also the winner of last year’s competition.

Other female competitors also had a chance to show off their abilities, giving the crowd a sample of some great moves.

“The women surfers seem to have a sense of competition,” said one spectator by the name of Jeff.

“The guys are good, but the women are determined to outdo the men. The competition is very strong.”

With the surf competition season coming to a close in Busan, other meets are due to take place in other areas around the peninsula.

The next major event is slated for early October at a spot known as Yang Yang near the 38th parallel on the east coast.

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