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‘Podaegi’ Korean baby sling: emerging as new generation mom’s must-have in

Have you heard about the word PODAEGI ? If yes , then what comes into your mind when you think of the traditional Korean baby carrier “Podaegi?” Dull, outdated or just plain ugly stuff ? Then you haven’t seen the upgraded baby sling that just got a makeover far from home.

Many Hollywood celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Julia Roberts and Courtney Cox are among many leading the new trend by cradling their babies Korean style.Hollywood stars are just in love with podaegi, or Korean-style baby carriers!

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Celebrities are not the only fans, either. Podaegi is, in fact, causing a hype among mothers around worldwide. Even many Video clips are on the internet show the great popularity of podaegi around the world. Some users even give instructions/demonstration on how to use it.

So what is this Podaegi?

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A podaegi(Korean: 포대기, also spelled podegi), is a wrap-a-round blanket with straps. It is a baby carrier that has been used in Korea for over many decades.
This traditional Korean baby carrier blanket is called podaegi, kind of hit among young hipster parents in the U.S. and other countries.

The podaegi is a Korean carrier with a medium to large rectangle of fabric hanging from a very long strap. Traditionally the rectangle is quilted for warmth and wraps around the mother's torso, while the straps are wrapped snug under the baby's bottom and tied around to the front to support and secure the baby on the mother's back. Western interest in the podaegi style has led to new wrapping methods which do go over the shoulders, and to narrower "blankets".

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A Google search for podaegi shows mothers around the world using it to carry their baby. The website introduces it as a traditional Korean form of carrying babies close to a parent's body. It adds that podaegi "can be tied around the adult and baby" with the straps attached and "it's a perfect fit with every tie, resulting in superior carrying comfort for both mom and baby!"

Podaegi are also being sold on many other websites too including Cotton Cradles trading baby carriers of natural fabric. A search for podaegi on Google and other international portal sites leads to content uploaded by people who created their own podaegi along with photos or video clips of mothers carrying their babies in one.

File photos of Women wearing Podaegi in Korea circa 1945 and 1960

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Podaegi has actually existed for centuries, as Korea's traditional way of carrying babies.Many people, however, looked down on podaegi as being backward and unsophisticated but now a days it is regaining attention in Korea and other countries too.

According to Kwak Keum-joo, Professor of psychology Seoul National University: "Babies experience great anxiety after being born. Being wrapped in a podaegi, however, allows them to listen to their mothers' heartbeat and feel close to them. This helps them restore the emotional stability that they once had in their mothers' uterus".

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Various Advantages of using Podaegi:

Podaegi also facilitates the interaction between the mother and her baby.How comfortable is podaegi compared to baby slings ... First, it holds them tightly,and makes it easier for the mother to work more efficiently.

During the 9 months of pregnancy, babies are surrounded by warm amniotic fluid and stay in close contact with their mothers' heartbeat.Podaegi effectively reproduces this environment.

According to the mothers who have been using Podaegi said the greatest advantage is the entailed intimacy between mother and her baby.For some mother it is absolutely essential for people who have a baby in their households. You could use baby slings instead, but podaegi is more comfortable, and the baby likes it better, too. That's why a lot of people buy it.

That's why mothers around the world can't help but choose podaegi over baby slings.
Podaegi has been a hit among mothers worldwide. Why don't you give a try it yourself to see just why it is so popular


  1. Funny that none of the women in these pictures have hunchbacks.

    1. Why? You should educate yourself on babywearing. There's only about a few 100 thousand of us on just Facebook alone.
      I've yet to see one with a hunchback.
      And some are carrying 7, 8, 9+ year olds. Look out of your bubble once in a while.

  2. That's is the reason why the Podaegi is famous. Thanx for droping by.

  3. Loved your blog subject on "podaegi" /podegi/ (포대기). I totally grew up with this and loved it! My mom and grandmother both used this on all my cousins and I growing up! My favorite thing was falling asleep on my grandmother's back using the podaegi while she made big vats of kimchi or even while she cleaned the house. I still remember how warm and comfy it was... and calming! I'm glad to see that it's coming back! Thanks for the post!----- yuri08

  4. Thank you Yuri08 for reading my blog and liking Podaegi topic. I will try my best to write more about the hidden treasure of Korea in daily life.

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