Wednesday, April 11, 2012

T-ara Adding Two New Faces

The seven-member girl group T-ara are set to welcome two new members to their ranks, putting them on par in terms of numbers with other leading K-pop outfits like Girls' Generation.

In a press release recently, T-ara management agency announced the plan, saying that the change is aimed at helping catapult them to fame beyond the borders of Asia, in tandem with a growing trend of top K-pop bands.
T-ara T-ara

Indicating that the move is also intended to spur greater competition inside the band, the agency added that some of the current members may be replaced if they fail to shine. The new additions will be named in July with the release of the group's new album, it said.

The band, which debuted in 2009, topped the online sales chart here with the retro-style dance song "Poly Poly" last year. Some members, including Eun-jung, Ji-yeon and Hyo-min, have also tried their hand at acting and starred in movies or TV dramas.

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