Saturday, June 9, 2012

Incheon Butterfly Park

Incheon Butterfly Park a Treat for Kids and Adults Alike

Nestled inside the concrete jungle of Incheon lies an eco-park filled with trees and insects. Incheon Butterfly Park opened in 2009 and offers a variety of multi-legged creatures, wild plant species, as well as a playground for kids and a forest. Hundreds of tiger swallowtail and other colorful butterflies flutter around the park, offering a treat especially for children.
The eco-zone is open from spring until fall and displays seven species of butterflies, 15 types of host plants and 50 different shrubs. In the winter, visitors can see butterfly larvae and hibernating insects.

Just across from the butterfly eco-zone is a path lined up with small, spinning pinwheels that lead to a garden featuring an expanse of wild flowers. The plants vary according to the time of year. After this, visitors can listen to music being played by percussion instruments created using recycled materials at a sound garden.
"Incheon Butterfly Park gives children a chance to feel the importance of nature," said Chang Hee-sook (47), who is a guide at the park. "It lets kids touch, hear and see different parts of nature rather than simply observing static exhibits."
An education center at the entrance of the park teaches children more about the mysteries of nature while also displaying living animals such as toads, crayfish, porcupines and even tarantulas. Every Saturday, classes give kids a chance to make wood carvings of animals and plants, and view various organisms under microscopes.
Apart from the must-see Butterfly Park, Incheon Grand Park is also highly recommended. Located just 10 minutes from the downtown area, it ranks as the largest park in the western port city. Cool water fountains and sequoia trees offer city slickers a welcome escape from the hectic metropolis.
For more information, call Incheon Butterfly Park at 032-509-8820 or Incheon Grand Park at 032-440-5882~3.

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