Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saju reading : Your face reveals how you have lived

Face reading of two female politicians

By Janet Shin

There is a saying that “We are responsible for our face after our 40s.” The age of 40, according to the “Analects of Confucius,” is the state of being free of doubts. In other words, until we reach the age of 40, we undergo diverse experiences, which make us wiser and less likely to be misled by various delusions. Life gives us both pleasure and hardships, which bring us deeper knowledge of life. This kaleidoscope of life’s experiences is sculpted into one’s face.

The face, formed mainly by genetic factors such as the skeleton structure and environmental factors, consists of eyes, ears, a nose and a mouth. But we read more than this at ‘face value.’ The shape of a face, whether a part is protruding or not, wrinkles, fleshiness of the skin, complexion
 and most importantly, harmony, determine overall face impression. These are important for physiognomists, or face readers to read one’s destiny. A capable physiognomist should be able to `see’ a person’s spirit, behavior, thoughts and the way of life by just looking at the face because crucial factors form the face in a descriptive way.

Those who work in the fields of intelligence tend to have a wider and plump forehead. Likewise a good looking forehead is a barometer of one’s social status and reputation. Those who have a longer nose are conservative. Those who have protruding lips are quite often seen among the comedians or people who live by their lips. Ambition is portrayed by one’s cheekbones and ridge nose. Above all, certain energy emitting from the eyes is a primary cause dominating one’s fate along with the glow of the face color.

Then, is the face permanently shaped upon our birth? You know the answer that this is not the case. Our faces keep changing as we age. You may notice that the faces of the people in your life have changed in unexpected ways when you meet them again after a long interval. Sometimes their faces are still beaming and peaceful enough to cover aging. At other times, it goes the other way round. Resulting from various experiences in life, people’s faces are transformed by wrinkles or by distresses, and so on. Also many people get plastic surgery these days, altering the physical features of their face a lot.

I am often asked whether plastic surgery changes one’s destiny. It is the same question as if a cesarean alters one’s destiny when it’s read by saju. My answer is “yes” to both questions. They are, of course, not natural alterations. It may sound discrepant on a fatalistic standpoint. If one got plastic surgery, it was also part of one’s destiny. The thing is that, plastic surgery does not always turn one’s fate towards a good direction. It may make one pretty in appearance but outer beauty does not always accompany fortune. There is an inner beauty creating certain values in one’s destiny. In the same manner, a cesarean does not always take place on the scheduled date. Many pregnant couples in Korea try to fix an auspicious cesarean date for a better saju fortune for their babies. However this may turn out to be an inauspicious date, which is also the destiny of the baby.

Recently, two female politicians caught my attention with alterations to their faces. They were known to the public since their youth. One gained the people’s attention as she had attended the World Festival of Youth and Students in Pyongyang and met Kim Il-sung, the late former North Korean leader in 1989 and is now a lawmaker of the main opposition Democratic United Party. She lately went through mounting criticism for her reckless comments about North Korean defectors. The other is also a female politician who once served as a spokeswoman for the late ruling Grand National Party. Later on she instigated controversy by criticizing Park Geun-hye, a leading presidential candidate of current ruling Saenuri Party and incurred censure for plagiarizing another person’s writing in her best-selling book.

The pictures of both showed their youthful years to currently and were exposed through various press outlets. Their faces turned into those of middle-aged women. Coarse and disproportionable aspects are disclosed to tell their seemingly glorious but bumpy life paths.

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The writer is the president of the Heavenly Garden, a saju research center in Korea, and the author of “Learning Four Pillars”.

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