Saturday, June 23, 2012

Indeed worth reading : 'Hallyu' graduate school to open

The Catholic University of Korea said Friday that it will open a graduate school program on hallyu, or
 Korean culture wave, this September.

The Hallyu Graduate School will offer two programs_ Hallyu Advanced Management Program and Hallyu Culture and Business Program which is a master’s degree MBA program. The school will recruit students until July 31.

The advanced management program will be for foreign ambassadors in Korea, diplomats, executive board members of global companies, and board members of Korean companies who are interested in the Korean wave.

The MBA program will offer a master’s degree program and a six-month research course, which is a non-degree program. Lectures will be conducted at Songeui Campus located in Banpo-dong, southern Seoul, in both English and Korean.

The curriculum includes studies on Korea’s entertainment, tourism, fashion and food. The school aims to become a global hub for education and research on hallyu.

For foreigners participating in the advanced management program, the school will provide culture experience programs to better understand the Korean wave. The school also plans to create a Korean wave education-research network in cyberspace to foster exchange with foreign countries.

Yoo Jin-ryong, former vice culture minister, will lead the graduate school as the first dean.

“We hope the graduate school will become a platform to conduct research on the Korean wave. The school will develop methodologies and research programs about the Korean wave. We believe the new dean will play a big role as he has worked actively in the culture industry,” a school official said.

“Our school will systematically research the Korean wave and maximize its potential through cooperation with companies and public organizations. We will secure competitiveness of the Korean wave in the international culture industry,” Yoo said in a press release.

For information on admission, call 02-2258-7723.

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