Friday, October 12, 2012

4 Ways of Sporting an Autumnal Military Look

The scorching summer heat is gone and the autumn breezes are here. Skin loses its luster and the chill creeps down the collar. This is when the military look, with its restrained colors and turnup collars can be worn to best advantage. Here are four ways of making it work for you.

◆ Casual

The easiest way to go about it is the casual variety, a combination of khaki jacket and skinny jeans or tight cotton trousers with chunky knee-high or ankle boots.

Stylist Yoon Han-young said, "If you want to be more edgy, a large check-printed shirt or a T-shirt with shiny beads will help you stand out." Casually rolled-up sleeves or shirts with a loose hemline can look trendy. Wear a loosely fitting shirt with one or two buttons unbuttoned.

◆ Office

For office workers, an all-out military look might be going too far. Instead, hint at it with a neat, knee-length H-line skirt, a silk blouse, and a large brown trench coat. Any trench coat will do, whether structured with thick fabric and wide collars, or thin, soft material.

The important thing is creating a twist. If the outerwear is formal, then you can be bolder with what you wear underneath, and if what you wear inside the coat is conventional, then you can choose more edgy outerwear.

◆ Girly

An example of a girly military look would be a jacket with epaulets worn over a miniskirt and floaty chiffon blouse. You can still go with knee-high boots, but killer high heels are also a good match. A dark coat should be complemented by brightly colored innerwear.

◆ Luxury

This was a staple of Princess Diana's. Try matching a flowing party dress with a military jacket or trench coat decorated with gold buttons and epaulets. An elegant pair of high heels perfectly completes the look.

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