Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cheonggyecheon’s “Nostalgic School Uniform Fashion Show”

The Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation held a nostalgia-oriented school uniform fashion show under the theme of ‘Sketches of Youth’ at the waterfront stage at Ogansugyo(Bridge) in Cheonggye 6(yuk)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul on September 8. Eighteen ‘silver’ generation models and twenty-one citizen models joined ten professional models to model school uniforms, jeans, female business attire, and more, creating an unusual fashion show that transcended the generations.

Women in their 60’s or older who had aspired to become professional models in their youth, but who failed to fulfill their dream, were given the chance to take the stage at this moving event. They were followed by professional models who paraded in female business attire designed by ‘Max and Spencer’, this autumn’s hottest new trend.


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