Thursday, October 25, 2012

Enjoy Pastoral Pleasures at Korean Provincial Festivals in Fall

Various festivals are in full swing across the country this month as people take advantage of the beautiful autumn weather.

A fermented seafood festival ( has been taking place in Nonsan, South Chungcheong Province since Wednesday. Visitors can buy salted seafood at discounted prices and enjoy 79 events, such as making kimchi with salted seafood, until Sunday. For more information, call 041-730-3224.

At a hanok village in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, a festival based on its regional specialty of bibimbap (rice with assorted vegetables) is being held from Thursday to Sunday. Visitors learn the latest trends relating to regional dishes, while locals will make bibimbap for 6,000 people, hold a cooking contest and stage various events. For more details, call 063-281-2380.

In Suncheon, South Jeolla Province from Friday to Sunday, representative local foods will be displayed for tasting, and a cooking contest for authentic side dishes will be held. Visitors can enjoy Korean folk music concerts, rope-walking, traditional wedding ceremonies and making jeolpyeon (rice cake). Foreign envoys from 15 countries and their wives have also been invited to sample local foods and show off their cooking skills. For more information, call 061-749-4221.

From Thursday to Tuesday, a ceramics festival will take place in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province, which is famous for its buncheong (grayish-blue) porcelain that traces back to the Chosun period. Also in Cheongdo, North Gyeongsang Province, a persimmon festival will run from Friday to Sunday. For more information on either festival, call 055-330-3241 or 054-370-2471, respectively.

Coffee lovers may want to head to Gangneung, Gangwon Province, between Friday and Oct. 28 to enjoy a coffee-themed festival there (033-647-6802). The area is filled with coffee shops, factories and plantations.

Around the Imjingak area in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, a ginseng festival highlights the efficacious properties of the herb this weekend. Last year, it saw a huge turnout as 760,000 people showed up. Visitors can enjoy hunting for ginseng in the woods, tasting liquor made of the root, participating in a ginseng auction and making dolls with ginseng, among other scheduled activities.

In Icheon, a city famous for producing rice in Gyeonggi Province, a festival ( awaits those who are interested in making various dishes using the staple food. Visitors will be able to buy agricultural produce and other local products such as newly harvested rice and ceramic items, while also roaming a marketplace and enjoying various performances. For more information, call 031-644-4125.

Meanwhile, at Gwangalli Beach in Busan, some 80,000 fireworks will be set off against the backdrop of Gwangan Bridge. For more information, call 051-888-3392~6.

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